The Overfield Story

The Overfield School was founded as a place dedicated to honoring and respecting each child.

In 1960, Julia Hobart established the Overfield Nursery School to meet the needs and enrich the lives of not only her children, but all children in the community. Twelve children made up that first class, which met in the Overfield Tavern Museum–one of the first buildings in Troy, built in 1808. For the next 28 years, school was in session in the back of the museum; children learned in an environment focused on exploration, creativity, collaboration, and appreciation of nature. In 1970, the innovative program was recognized and granted licensing by the State of Ohio.

By 1988, 65 children attended the Overfield Early Childhood Program, which ran five days a week. When the school received accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children in 1988, the Hobart Brothers Company saw fit to offer the Edward and Martha Hobart house and grounds as the school’s new home. A renovation thoughtfully optimized the space for young children, and in September 1989 the cheerful yellow doors opened to 100 children and nine teachers. To ensure the school’s success and continued growth, Julia and William gave Overfield the funds to purchase the house and grounds in 1998. During this time, a viewing of the Reggio Emilia exhibit, The Hundred Languages of Children, at the Dayton Art Institute inspired Julia to interweave the Reggio philosophy with the school’s focus on child-centered, project-based learning.

Overfield Troy Ohio
Overfield Family Partnership

Our campus and program continue to develop and evolve through the efforts and vision of our community. Through the generous donation of land by the Hobart and Bravo families, the adjacent Hobart Urban Nature Preserve opened in 2004. Private access to this Miami County Park provides many extensions of learning for Overfield children. Programmatic offerings have changed as well, including an expansion to Primary grades in 2017. A new building was constructed in 2023 to support these students, who can now attend Overfield through third grade. Overfield is currently home to 150 students and 23 teachers.  

Overfield is a school rooted in community. The dedication of time and resources of Overfield families and staff, combined with the generous contributions from Julia and William Hobart, the Hobart Brothers Company, the C.C. Hobart Foundation, and other organizations and businesses bring this unique educational opportunity to young children in the Miami Valley Area.

“Childhood is the most glorious time in life.”

– Julia Hobart, Founder of The Overfield School

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