WEEK 1: Fee-Fi-Fo—Fantasy Fun
June 17–21

This week is all about fantasy and adventure. We will read and act out classic fictional tales for young children. Campers will be encouraged to create their own scenarios of lost treasures, fairies, superheroes, and mermaids. They will travel the trails and woodlands surrounding Overfield, building forts, castles, and castaway shelters from found materials. The children will have the opportunity to make maps and flags, to create dioramas of imagined worlds, and to plot a course to fun! Imagination full speed ahead!

WEEK 2: Animal Art Adventures
June 24–28

Do you love animals? Do you love art? Then look no further–this is the week for you! Animals that fly, hop, slither, and soar will be the inspiration for creations of all sorts during this fun-filled week. Campers will go on a journey to the past to imagine and create the world of the dinosaur. The woods, meadows, and ponds of Overfield will provide the avenue for children to meet the native animals of today, and we will use the power of our imaginations to explore the realm of fantasy animals like unicorns and dragons. With animal-inspired art using paint, clay, wire, and beautiful stuff, campers are sure to delight in a week of creative, creature-inspired adventures.

WEEK 3: Games Galore
July 8–12

Play games and engage in team-building adventures of all kinds. Younger children will play duck-duck-goose, musical chairs, and freeze tag. Older children will refine their sportsmanship through backyard games like four square, kickball, cornhole, and capture the flag. Climb a rock wall, battle your way through an obstacle course, and take a ride on a trike or bike. Try out a new board game–or better yet, invent your own! Jump rope, shoot hoops, or cool off playing various water games; this is a week full of play!

WEEK 4: Splish-Splash-Splosh
July 15–19

Join us on a watery adventure, as campers hike to nearby water features to meet the plants and animals that call the water home. Young scientists will explore, test, and experiment to learn about the properties of water. We will enjoy watercolor painting, stay cool as we build sculptures with colorful ice blocks, and make water-inspired murals using spray bottles, droppers, and water and oil techniques. With a week full of water based activities, a water Olympics, sprinklers, and of course a mud pit, what better way to close out Overfield Summer Camp?!

For children ages 3-10
Monday–Friday, 9 am–1 pm
Registration opens online at 8 am on Monday, April 15th at overfield.org

Overfield Summer Camp
“Childhood is the most glorious time in life.”

– Julia Hobart, Founder of The Overfield School

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