Overfield Family Partnership (OFP)

Overfield not only welcomes parents – it depends on them.

The Reggio Model

The Reggio model supports children developing a love for learning. This support is dependent on three factors: students, teachers, and, equally important, parents.

To facilitate this, the Overfield Family Partnership (OFP) was created to facilitate families, caregivers, and teachers working together to support the children, the school, the community, and each other. Monthly meetings keep collaboration at the heart of the Partnership and teams work on Cura (Care & Support) and act as Classroom Ambassadors.

New and current parents may also be interested in visiting the Reggio Emilia, Traditions, and Campus of the site to learn more about Overfield’s traditions.

Where to Start? Come to an OFP meeting

These open, evening meetings happen once a month. You are invited to the lively conversations, camaraderie, and decision making pertaining to everyday life in our community. At every meeting, a teacher will be present to support the Reggio model and a Board member will be available to respond to input concerning the overall direction of the school. All parents/caregivers are strongly encouraged to attend. Childcare will be available, all children are welcome!

“Childhood is the most glorious time in life.”

– Julia Hobart, Founder of The Overfield School

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